Dental Spa Dental Specialists Testimonials

Euell Smith, Bermuda

First of all let me just say thank you for setting up my initial dental visit in Cartagena. Having traveled Colombia many times before I wasn't too worried in general, but getting dental work is a lot different than being there for vacation and it was important to have the right contact to make sure something like this went smoothly.

The arrangements you made went off as planned, transportation to the facilities was on time and the dental facilities were first class. Dr. Covo, who spoke excellent English was very personable and explained everything to me in great detail. He even took interest in suggesting things for me to do while in Cartagena and has emailed me since with additional info for future visits.

The work provided was first class as much so that I hope to return real soon to address some of the other issues I need worked on. Feel free to use this email as a testimonial as the service provided by Cartagena Dental Spa exceeded my the price was right; which is an added bonus for me. Quality work at an affordable price!

Daira Miranda

The truth is I don't have words, in English or Spanish, to express my gratitude for your care, quality, and delicacy. From the first moment that you began my dental treatment me you made me feel more than confident with your professionalism. I don't just consider you my dentist but also my friend!   As always, I look forward to seeing you again!

Maria Cristina Perez

There are lots of dentists but none like Dr. Frieri. He is so professional, and I was amazed at the results in such a short time. Thank you. I would recommend you to everyone!!

Juan SebastiŠn Correa

I was always afraid of the dentist, and I never thought that I would be able to go without being uncomfortable. Now that I see my new smile, I wonder why I felt that way before. Dr. Frieri is definitely a professional. Thank you doctor.

Albeiro Gonzalez

I thought that the only solution to my problems was total dental implants. Thank you Dr. Frieri for restoring my smile. Now I can eat normally and am more confident in myself.

The Sanchez Gonzalez Family (Alberto, Margarita, and kids)

For many years my family has been clients of Dr. Felipe Frieri and there is no doubt that he is an excellent professional, an unequaled human being, and an unconditional friend. To be his patient and his friend is a true privilege.

Vilma Ibarra

Thank you for your patience. I am happy with my treatment. I now feel much more sure with my smile and the natural appearance that I have. Thank you very much.

Adriana Jaramillo

For me Dr. Frieri is the best and most professional dentist and person in the world. In his dental chair I have never been afraid because of his skills and his qualities as a human being. A big hug and may God bless you.

Amelia Stella Rizo

I want to assure you that in my 70 years of life, that I have never known a person as complete as Dr. Frieri. He is the perfect professional. He is very patient and delicate, and his results are wonderful. With respect to his personality, I have never encountered anyone more caring and special. On top of this, his incredible smile is a not only a great example of his dental skills, but also a great advertisement.