Miss Colombian Beauty Pageant Schedule

This is the tentative Schedule based on last years Beauty Pageant that starts on Saturday November 3rd with the arrival of all the contestants for the title of Miss Colombia. Times and dates may change, please contact the Beauty Pageant office for confirmed times and dates.

Saturday Nov 3rd
10:00 am: Formula Race, Sonrisa Fundation. Historical Center.
Sunday 4th

Monday 5th
8:00 am. Bodytech. Election of the healthier, athletic, tonified, armonic body.

Tuesday 6th
8:00 am. Postobon Event. Convention Center.
6:30 pm. Palmolive Event. Heredia Theater.

Wednesday 7th
10:00 AM Carival Old city 7:30 Pm. Jolie de Vogue Event. Convention Center.

Thursday 8th
2:30 Pm. Carriage parade - Bando
8:00 Pm. Rio Charity Event at Rio Casino

Friday Nov 9th
Saturday 10th.
3:00 Pm. Beauty Queen Parade on the water. Cartagena Bay.
8:30 Pm. Fantasy Event. Election of the most beautiful fantasy dress. Clock Towel.

Sunday 11th.
8:00 am Asoinducal's Event. Hilton Hotel.
9:30 am. Miss Photogenic Election.
10:00 Watches movado event. Election Miss Puntual.
5:30 pm. The most beautiful for Colombian , Bikini Contest. Hilton Hotel swimming pools.

Monday 12th
8:30 pm. Elecction and coronation of the 2018- 2019 Miss Colombia. Convention Center.
11:15 Pm. Press conference.

Tuesday 14th.
9:00 am. Press Conference with the new Miss Colombia. Hilton Gardens.
1:30. Lunch in honor of the new sovereign and giving of the prices.