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About Rosi Spa

The Spa Center is dedicated to the ancient and millenary arts of Massage, Alternative Therapies and the development of the whole Being. Ideal for those looking for Relaxation Rooms, and Health Tourism.

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Rosi Spa Massage Therapy Specialties

Relaxing massage: 50 minutes, Shower, Body Massage, Aromatherapy, music therapy. $100,000

Oriental Massage: 70 minutes, Body full massage, works acupuncture energy lines with pressure-digito. $120,000

Hindu Massage (4 Hands): 60 minutes, two therapists work simultaneously body massage, with rhythmic and synchronized movements on Tatami or Japanese bed. $300,000

Holistic Massage: $130,000 Couple's Massage: $200,000 Reflexology: $50,000

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Relaxing Atmosphere

At Rosi Spa and Massage you will enjoy tranquility, cleanliness, warmth, kindness, and music therapy.

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Experienced Therapists

Our therapists are all experienced in the arts of aromatherapy, japanese massage, and hindu massage.

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Rosi Spa Location & Contact Information

San MartIn Avenue #4-115 CC El Pueblito Local 207
Cartagena de Indias-Colombia
Phone: (+57) 310-626-3409

Map of Cartagena Rosi Spa